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NHIS-Child Resources for Data Analysis

The pages below provide in-depth information on how to access National Health Interview Survey Child Component survey data, survey methods, the full survey instrument, SAS and SPSS codebooksto assist with data analysis, and more.

  • Request a NHIS-Child dataset: All indicators in the DRC NHIS-Child dataset can also be viewed in our interactive data query. The "details" link on each DRC data query page provides more information on each variable's numerator, denominator, revisions, methods notes, treatment of unknown variables, and history.
  • Survey methodology: Find more information on NHIS-Child design, sampling, and administration.
  • SAS and SPSS codebooks: These codebooks provide documentation and SPSS/SAS program statements used in the development of variables and subgroups featured in the DRC data query for the NHIS-Child. Its purpose is to serve as a resource for researchers and analysts interested in understanding how these measures are conceptualized, constructed, and interpreted.
  • If you have additional questions regarding NHIS-Child data analysis, please ask us a question