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  • Survey: 2016 National Survey of Children's Health
  • Starting Point: Child and Family Health Measures
  • State/Region: Nationwide (quick edit)
  • Topic: Family Health and Activities
  • Question: Indicator 6.13: Adverse childhood experiences
  • Sub Group: Race/ethnicity of child

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Tabular Data

Indicator 6.13: Has this child experienced one or more adverse childhood experiences from the list of 9 ACEs?
No adverse childhood experiencesOne adverse childhood experienceTwo or more adverse childhood experiencesTotal %
C.I.45.8 - 51.526.8 - 32.219.8 - 24.2
Sample Count2,7451,3901,276
Pop. Est.8,524,4645,160,7873,845,044
White, non-Hispanic%59.121.719.2100.0
C.I.58.1 - 60.120.9 - 22.618.4 - 20.0
Sample Count21,8047,3655,759
Pop. Est.22,158,6848,134,5417,187,557
Black, non-Hispanic%36.329.933.8100.0
C.I.33.4 - 39.227.2 - 32.930.8 - 36.9
Sample Count1,158820828
Pop. Est.3,307,6052,728,0113,078,237
Other, non-Hispanic%59.521.319.2100.0
C.I.57.0 - 62.119.1 - 23.617.2 - 21.3
Sample Count3,9021,3511,154
Pop. Est.4,656,6171,664,1841,499,709

C.I. = 95% Confidence Interval.
Percentages and population estimates (Pop.Est.) are weighted to represent child population in US.

DATA ALERT: Hispanic origin had 0.57% missing values and race variables had 0.32% missing values. Missing values were estimated using single imputation methods.

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Required citation: Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative. Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health. 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) data query. Retrieved [mm/dd/yy] from CAHMI: