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Data in Action!
Children's Dental Health, School Performance, and Psychosocial Well-Being
Published paper on effects of dental health on school performance and psychosocial well-being

How to Use the DRC

Below are videos and guides to assist you in using the Data Resource Center (DRC) website. Are you new to the DRC? Head over to our "New to the DRC" page first to learn everything the DRC has to offer.

Tutorial: Interpreting Your Data

This session will help you better understand the results of your data search. We will cover how to read statistical information in the results table and how to interpret the bar chart as well as other important statistical knowledge.


Quick Guides to Searching the DRC

Quick Guide to Searching the Data

What steps do I take to begin a data query, start a new search or change topics once I'm on a data results page? This step-by-step guide visually shows how to use the interactive data query for browsing data from the NSCH and the NS-CSHCN.

Quick Guide to Comparing All States

A one page step-by-step guide for how to access survey results for all states simultaneously where you can also sort the results based on your data point of interest.


Using Data Effectively

Are you looking for help with how to use data effectively in your work? Visit How to Use Data Effectively for instructional briefs and reports or Examples of Data Use to see how others use NSCH and NS-CSHCN data to tell their stories.

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