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  • Survey: 2007 National Survey of Children's Health
  • Starting Point: Child Health Measures
  • State/Region: Nationwide
  • Topic: Health Care Access and Quality
  • Question: 4.8: Have a medical home (details...)
  • Sub Group: Race/ethnicity of child

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Tabular Data

Indicator 4.8: How many children receive health care that meets the AAP definition of medical home? (details...)
Care does not meet criteria for having a medical homeCare meets the criteria for having a medical homeTotal %
C.I.(59.0 - 63.9)(36.1 - 41.0)
Pop. Est.8,578,2335,379,880
White, non-Hispanic%32.068.0100.0
C.I.(31.1 - 32.9)(67.1 - 68.9)
Pop. Est.12,610,52326,773,401
Black, non-Hispanic%55.844.2100.0
C.I.(53.8 - 57.9)(42.1 - 46.2)
Pop. Est.5,478,4574,336,839
Multi-racial, non-Hispanic%37.063.0100.0
C.I.(33.0 - 40.9)(59.1 - 67.0)
Pop. Est.1,114,6461,900,994
Other, non-Hispanic%51.448.6100.0
C.I.(46.8 - 56.0)(44.0 - 53.2)
Pop. Est.1,638,2951,546,798

C.I. = 95% Confidence Interval. Percentages are weighted to population characteristics.
n = Number of respondents (unweighted numerator).

DATA ALERT: Hispanic includes all children reporting Hispanic/Latino origin; Non-Hispanic children reporting a single race category of either White or Black are grouped respectively; Non-Hispanic children reporting more than one race category are grouped as "Multi-racial"; Non-Hispanic children reporting only one race category of Asian, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander are grouped as "Other" because of small sample sizes. There is approximately 2% missing data for race.

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With funding and direction from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the National Survey of Children’s Health was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. CAHMI is responsible for the analyses, interpretations, presentations and conclusions included on this site.

Suggested citation format: National Survey of Children's Health. NSCH 2007. Data query from the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative, Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health website. Retrieved [mm/dd/yy] from