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About the Data Resource Center



The mission of the Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health (DRC) is to advance the effective use of public data on the status of children’s health and health-related services for children, youth and families in the United States. 

What is the Data Resource Center for Child & Adolescent Health (DRC)?

The DRC is a non-profit, national data resource providing easy access to children’s health data on a variety of important topics, including the health and well-being of children and access to quality care.

The DRC is sponsored by a cooperative agreement from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. We also receive additional support from a variety of funders and partners. The DRC is an initiative of the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative,  a nationally recognized leader in improving the health and well-being of children through a focus on the application of standardized measures to document and improve the quality of care.

What resources does the DRC provide?

The DRC provides easily accessible national, state, and regional data from large, population-based surveys that do not require statistical expertise to use.

Data are collected from parents and thus contribute a much needed voice in the drive to improve the quality of health care for children and youth. Parent involvement in children’s health, including how they report their children are doing, are critical. The data come from you. It’s your data... your story.

The DRC promotes active understanding and use of this data by policymakers, MCH program leaders and professionals, family and child health advocates, and researchers in order to inform and advance key national and state child and youth health goals. These data are specifically designed to assist states with child health needs assessment, program planning and evaluation, policy and standards development, monitoring, training, applied research and development of systems of care for children and youth.  Together we can use data to improve the quality of health care delivery in the United States for children and youth. To assist in the use of this data, the DRC provides several user-friendly methods to access this data, including:

The DRC also contributes to the maternal and child health field through publications and research on the quality of health care systems for children and children with special health care needs.

Are you new to the DRC?

Visit our "new users" page to get a quick overview and orientation of who we are, what we do, where to get help, and where you can find our data and resources on the website.

What kinds of topics, surveys, and geographic areas can I find on your website?

Visit our quick-glance Data and Surveys Available page to find out more and get directed to the best data topics and surveys for your needs.

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ page or contact us at